How to learn French in 90 days – Documentary – Intro

You want to learn French? Me too.
You want to learn French FAST? Me too.
You want to learn French efficiently? Mee too.

In these videos i will document how i am learning French in 90 days. And I cannot travel to France and learn French all day long there. No. I am in Budapest, right know i do not have any French friend who supports me, so if you are also away from France and dont have anybody to talk to, i can relate. But i will show everything that how i will go from absolute beginner to a strong communication level.

I had already did it with Spanish before. With Spanish I went really intensive and for 6 weeks I studied for 4-5 hours daily. After 6 weeks people thought that I had been learning Spanish for 2-3 years.

With French now my plan is to study French 2-2,5 hours daily. That is my goal, that would add up in 90 days to approximately 200 hours.
In these videos the structure will be the following:

1: I will tell you exactly what I do in the given days. How I address pronunciation, grammar, speaking in the language, vocabulary learning etc.
I will share every useful website / youtube channel / book / audiocorse , anything that I find valueable.
I know how to approach a new language so I am really pumped about this experiment.

2: I will speak in French in every video from now. Even though I know almost nothing so that you can see the improvement that I’m gonna make.

Spanish video: